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Welcome!  This blog has two intentions:  1. To discover the best Detroit has to offer in people, places, community, activities and food.  2. To reflect on starting my life over in my 50’s in the city of my dreams.  And at the same time, to look at how Detroit is starting its life over, getting more energetic and vibrant every day.

Detroit has always been a mystical, vibrant, grand place for me.   I have felt it in my heart and soul ever since I was a little girl going to work with my father on 12th street.   Even when she wasn’t at her best (yes, Detroit is a she to me), I still loved every bit of the city chiseled out from years of living by a vibrant cast of characters.

When I was 18 I lived in a tiny studio in Alden Park Towers along East Jefferson for a very short time.  I was too young and irresponsible to realize that I was home.

It took me until 2016 at the age of 54 to finally leave the comfort zone of the suburbs, close to but not in Detroit, to make the move down Woodward.   I did not realize my true comfort would come from the first day I was an actual Detroit resident.  I cannot imagine ever not living here again.

Part of this blog will be talking about how this move has brought a new life to me and why.  There is a sense of community here that most would not see from the outside.  Many great individuals that are all different and together sum up what brings this city its vibrancy.  I will also mash in the variety of things to do, great spots to eat at and locations to shop here – it will be hard to keep up – so much coming in every day.  I will challenge myself to talk about the new, but also pay special attention to that which has been here from the beginning.

I will also be introducing you to the many, many entrepreneurs in this city.  Those that have started food businesses, artistic endeavors, yoga and fitness studios and many others.  They all hustle and work at building a business that gives Detroit a collaborative pulse.  Many of them share resources, nudge each other and help cross-promote, even when their businesses are similar.  It is this community that was the biggest and most welcome surprise to me.

I hope that if you choose to join me through my posts that you come away with what I know as the true Detroit.  It is far from perfect, it has broken parts and dusty corners, but it also glistens in its age.

As I build this out, watch for pages about where to eat along with where to go for fitness (need this to balance all the eating!), find the most unique shopping, know where to hear great music, see beautiful and thought provoking art and find unexpected beauty.  So many in my life reach out to me for advice on all of these parts of Detroit, I decided to put it all here to share with them, and you.

Stay with me – you just may start making plans to make this your home also.






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