Welcome!  This blog has 2 intentions – 1. All the best Detroit has to offer in people, places, community, activities and food.  2. Reflections on starting my life over in my 50’s in the city of my dreams.

In May of 2015, I made the move from Ferndale to Detroit.  Not far, right?  It may be less than 10 miles, but in actuality it feels like a different universe – in the best possible way.   I have spent the last 28+ years working my way down Woodward.  Starting in Royal Oak and then Ferndale for 11 years before making it to where I was meant to be all along, Detroit.  I am now home.

I love the way small business owners all collaborate and help to elevate each other and bring their neighbors in.  Surrounding all of this is a community ready to welcome you in.  I look forward to introducing you to so many vibrant, friendly engaging individuals.

As I build this out, watch for pages about where to eat along with where to go for fitness (need this to balance all the eating!), shopping and general fun.  So many in my life reach out to me for advice on getting around and where to go, I decided to put it all here to share with them, and you.

Feel free to share with me your stories of starting over, reaching goals, and of course, what you love about Detroit.  I look forward to having you in the conversation.




Having lived in Michigan my entire life, I made the move to Detroit in 2015 at the age of 54.  This blog is a way to share what I witness in the re-growth of this city and how my life is growing right along with it.